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Reasons to Get a Drum Machine

Anyone who has ever seen a live band will be able to tell that the live drums are what make up the main body of a set. The drums are the only source of the authentic sound you hear, even if vocals and guitars are amplified with electronics or microphones. If you are looking for something more, the powerful kick and snap of the snare make the room a louder place.

Electronic alternatives have been a part of live performance for years. After all, electronic drum machines can be augmented with electronics to augment other instruments. There are many types of drum pads and drum machines, and each one has its own merits. However, the drum machine has some advantages over regular drums. These are just a few reasons to modernize your setup. Learn more at


More than anyone, drummers know the dangers of gigging. It involves removing your kit and trying to get it in a car. This is the most tedious of all instruments, as many pieces can be lost, damaged, or stolen.

Quiet Practice

You need to practice before you can get on stage. This is especially important for drums. Drumming can be difficult because of everything from noisy neighbors to the limited space needed to store a full set of drums. Your drum machine is a single piece of equipment you can carry around in your rucksack. You can adjust the volume and plug in headphones to your drum machine so you can go crazy without disturbing anyone.


You can quickly mix and match sounds with a drum pad, unlike with a kit. You don’t have to pitch your snare or buy a lot of cymbals to make that particular sound. You can also use other sounds, such as drum sounds, or even a small section of an orchestra.

Mixing Control

controlThis is a far better option than analog kits. You can control not only which sound you want, but also the mixing of them. You can change pitch, add effects and adjust your volume without losing intensity.


It is possible to have a beat play by itself, after all. This is something that a drum kit cannot do. If you’re a solo artist, backing the playback of your beat can be crucial. You can play along with your band, improvise, or just layer your performance to create a complete song. A drum machine can make your drums sound great in a way that a drum set can’t. A drum kit is forever a drum machine.

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