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How to Pick the Right Movie

Today more than ever you’ll agree with me that choosing an excellent movie to watch can be very challenging due to the options available. Although what we can term as the right movie is a matter of personal preference, not all films may be worth your time. Therefore how can you choose a movie that you’ll enjoy watching? Consider the flowing points when selecting a movie

Your Favorite Actors

One way you can choose a film you’ll enjoy watching is by choosing one that features your favorites actors. If you’re their fan, you’ll find it more exciting to see them act out different characters. Thus picking a great movie may mean someone you’ve watched before, but this time they’re acting in a different role. If you’ve enjoyed someone acting before, it means you may also enjoy watching them again.

Visiting Review Sites


If you research carefully, you’ll find that we have many unbiased websites that review movies. Some sites such as ScreenIt.com, PluggedInOnline.com, ChristianityToday.com, and MovieGuide.org are places where you can get unbiased reviews on excellent movies that you’ll enjoy watching. Additionally, you can visit popular movie sites and check reviews from past users on videos they enjoyed watching. If you find a particular movie that has overwhelmingly positive reviews, then it’s a sign you may also enjoy the movie.

Choosing by Genre

You can also pick an excellent movie by considering the genre. If you are a fan of a particular genre, you can select similar films and enjoy watching. Some of the most common movie genres include adventure, fiction, action, science, fantasy, comedy, epic, political, biography, historical, etc. from the long list of genres, you’ll find a great movie you can watch.

Movie Ratings

a quality movieMovie ratings are also an excellent way of choosing a good movie. Movies are rated in various ways, for example, G, PG, PG-13, etc. Biased on the movie rating, you can decide to watch the movie or not. The Classification and Rating Administration was founded in 1968, and it rates movies based on sexual content, profanity, and violence. Although they may not be perfect in their task, their ratings are an excellent way of determining the right movie for a specific audience.

Online Film Communities

The internet has made aces to information and interactions simple. Search for online forums dedicated to movie fans and more so those in your favorite genre. In this forum, you’ll get information on some excellent movies that people have watched before. For example, IMDb and Letterboxd some sites that allow users to share information about favorite movies they have watched before. You can also try searching whether a particular movie features on the list of favorite videos.

Finding an excellent movie that you can watch can be daunting, but with the above tips, the work is easier.