Common mistakes that can affect your health during the wedding

Weddings are the most magical events because it’s always a surprise. Not every couple wants to do things the very same way they saw others do. They simply want to add some pomp and flair to their big day. However, this is not possible if one or both of them are in trouble with their health. For the wedding to come out successfully, the couple has to be in perfect health and energetic. They will both need the energy to take on all the excitement that comes along the entire day. Here are some of the commonest mistakes that can affect your health on your big day.

Mistakes to avoid

Your eating habits

dsffsdfsdfhfggfhThis is not the time to eat to your stomach’s fill. Both of you should be eating light meals on the actual day. You should eat to your stomach’s fill on the day before the wedding. This will be one way of gathering up and storing the energy needed to face the wedding day.

Also, watch what you eat. Don’t take too much sugar at breakfast. Don’t take too much water or other liquids before the wedding. You will have plenty of time for this when you are through saying ‘I do’ to each other.

Tight dressing

There is no better time to be well ventilated than on your wedding day. You shouldn’t wear clothes that are too tight. This will only prevent the flow of blood and can even cause unnecessary fainting.

The worst part is that you are stuck with these clothes for more than ten hours. It would be sheer torture on your part to wear such clothes for that long. Before you know it, you might begin to feel dizzy and even pass out.

Excessive drinking of alcohol

fdgdfgdfgdfgdfgYou shouldn’t get drunk on your wedding day. This is only a bold recipe for wedding disaster on your overall health and well being. Most of us are aware of the adverse effects that too much alcohol has on our health.

Only take a flute of wine and rest your case for the rest of the day. After all, it’s the time to be merry and not the opposite.

Staying out in the sun for long hours

The morning sun is good for your skin as it restores vitamin D to your health. It gets harmful to your skin when it goes beyond 10 AM in the morning. It gets even worse when it’s a garden wedding where all the guests have to be seated outside.
Worse still, there is no tent under which they can take cover when the sun gets too hot. This is dangerous as some of the guests can develop a serious migraine and ditch the after party.

Failure to carry warm clothing just in case

If the groom is such a gentleman, he’ll offer his coat to his newly wedded bride. What if the groom’s outfit does not include a coat? The bride’s outfit is obviously sleeveless, and you can guess what next when darkness sets in.

It is even worse when they have to leave for the honeymoon right away. This means that the chances of them going on their honeymoon with a cold are high. All because they didn’t keep warm on their wedding evening.…